It works!!!

In the end this was much easier than i thought. I always thought making this would be hard, but when I finally got around making it (look at the dates) it turned around to be very easy. The only problem I faced really had to do with some really old code I wrote to handle the SQL connections. Now everything to do about this posting system is maybe to add different boards (which i already have support in the sql tables) and then ofcourse make a proper way to write so I don't have to keep using MySQL Workbench for these. And can't forget about bbcode and all that cool stuff. Maybe a possibility to host pictures on this server to avoid annoying hosting sites. Thought all this will be only for members posting duh. Thankfully I've already made a working user logging in script :). Sadly all this has to wait cause I'm going back to army tomorrow. Wow this became really long, but now that I finally have a place to vent out my thoughts I might aswell. See ya around :)

This servers second post of kinds

I havent actually even finished writing the posting script nor the one that reads the to the correct places. But as you can see from the timestamp its fucking late. And if you are wondering, yes Im writing this through the sql console using PUTTY. Nothing new really. The post that hopefully shows above this confirms that I was indeed succesful in finishing this project. :)


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